Social innovation is the design and development of new approaches to behaviour change that provide effective, efficient and sustainable solutions.

Since 2012 the Keep Britain Tidy Centre for Social Innovation has been designing, delivering and evaluating programmes of work focussed on changing behaviour to reduce littering, prevent waste and improve local places through social innovation.

Keep Britain Tidy

Keep Britain Tidy
Keep Britain Tidy is an independent charity with three goals: to reduce littering, prevent waste and improve local places.

In order to continually improve the effectiveness of the work we deliver, Keep Britain Tidy developed the Centre for Social Innovation.

The Centre works closely with teams and programmes across Keep Britain Tidy to help them monitor, evaluate and improve on their work, as well as to inform and support organisation-wide approaches and strategies.

The Centre also has a close relationship with members of the Keep Britain Tidy Network who play a key role in the Centre by suggesting priority issues to focus on and partnering with us to test innovation on the ground.

Our approach

Our approach

Working in close partnership with public and private organisations, the Centre for Social Innovation uses design thinking to understand behaviours and their contexts. Using this insight we develop and pilot innovative solutions.

We rigorously evaluate our interventions to obtain evidence of their success and where successful seek to scale these solutions nationally. We are always aiming to share our solutions and influence local and national policy makers to widen positive change.

We are constantly reflecting on and reviewing our work: our findings and insights inform our next steps as well as the focus and strategy of the Centre and the wider work of Keep Britain Tidy.

Our principles

We conduct robust desk-based and on-site research to inform every step of our evidence-based work.

We work in partnership with others from the outset and design projects in collaboration.

We use a design thinking approach to challenge assumptions, creatively unpack issues and imagine, prototype and test new solutions.

We apply academic approaches in the real world, creating tangible outcomes.

We focus upon scalable and sustainable solutions to litter, waste and place issues.

We embrace big ideas and funnel them into practical solutions that can be implemented with limited resources.

We use our findings to make recommendations to policy makers and inform positive change.

Our partners

Our partners

We work with a wide range of partners who contribute their input, experience and resources to the development of our projects. Check out below the partners we have worked with so far and visit the Partnership section to find out about ways to get involved.

About / Our team

Our team
The Keep Britain Tidy Centre for Social Innovation is a small team of dedicated individuals, committed to furthering social innovation inside our organisation and beyond.

Below you can meet our core team of in-house innovators. We also frequently employ temporary staff who join us for specific projects to conduct research such as behavioural observations, intercept interviews and waste audits.

To get in touch e-mail innovate@keepbritaintidy.org

Market Research Manager
Rose is an experienced market researcher who specialises in collaborative and action based social research. This includes extensive experience in research design, delivery and evaluation to better understand how we can influence more positive environmental behaviours. Rose first joined Keep Britain Tidy in 2013, when she helped to establish the Centre for Social Innovation. In 2015 she took on a role at Sustainability Victoria in Australia, where she managed the delivery of the Government’s Litter Innovation Fund. In late 2016, Rose re-joined the Centre for Social Innovation, where alongside the rest of the team, she works with a range of organisations to design and test innovations to prevent litter and waste, and improve local places.
Senior Researcher
Lorna works in the Keep Britain Tidy research team, developing and testing social innovations aimed at reducing litter and waste, and improving the appearance and quality of green spaces.

Lorna is experienced in employing social research methods to influencing positive environmental attitudes and behaviours. Her past research has involved looking at the role of values in increasing engagement with climate change communications, and is particularly interested in exploring the relationship between exposure to natural environments and the impacts on health and wellbeing.

Lorna holds an MSc in Environmental Psychology and a BSc (Hons) in Psychology, and is a member of the Social Research Society. In her spare time she enjoys walks to the local beach and pine woods with the dog.
Green Footprints Project Coordinator
Charlotte joins Keep Britain Tidy on a part-time basis from Haringey Council, where she manages a project that works closely with residents to tackle issues in a particular part of the borough, with an environmental focus. She brings an understanding of strategic planning and operations in a local government context, and seeks to build her experience of behaviour change interventions to take back and apply in Haringey. Charlotte is working on scaling up Keep Britain Tidy’s Green Footprints intervention, which will involve developing a toolkit that is practical and easily applicable on the ground.

Charlotte joined Haringey on the National Graduate Development Programme, and gained experience in Children’s Services and the borough’s consultancy-style Corporate Delivery Unit, before settling in Environmental Services. She moved towards public policy with a Master’s degree in Gender Studies, and spent time working at the European Commission and a small start-up think tank before starting Haringey’s graduate scheme.

In her spare time, Charlotte enjoys struggling to keep up with various cinema memberships and playing tennis badly.
Market Research Manager (Maternity leave)
Andrea has spent 15 years working in the market research industry; the last 12 of which she has spent with Keep Britain Tidy, researching issues affecting the quality of our local environments, the links with anti-social behaviour and the impact on quality of life.

Andrea currently manages the research programme for the organisation, with a strong focus on understanding public behaviour and using social research innovation techniques to change behaviour via a series of social experiments aimed at reducing litter and waste and improving the quality of our parks and open spaces.

Andrea holds a BA (Hons) degree in Communication Studies and the Advanced Certificate in Market and Social Research Practice, awarded by the Market Research Society.
Director for the Centre for Social Innovation
Lizzie has over eleven years of experience in community engagement, programme management and partnership working including playing key roles in local and regional strategic partnerships in England and Wales.

Lizzie joined Keep Britain Tidy in 2011 to manage a range of recycling and waste prevention programmes including Our Common Place and Recycle for Your Community. Lizzie has also led the development of a range of innovation work within Keep Britain Tidy including the national Waste less, Live more Week campaign and (Re)Love Our Stuff, a programme working with primary school children to increase textiles reuse.

In 2016, Lizzie became Director of the Centre for Social Innovation where she leads our programme of work to research, design and evaluating innovation which can be scaled to have national impact. Lizzie is also responsible for ensuring the work of Keep Britain Tidy is underpinned by a robust and compelling evidence base.

In her spare time, Lizzie enjoys exploring London by bicycle, singing with the Wing-It Singers and supporting her local football team.
Senior Researcher
Jane is an experienced action researcher whose expertise lies in influencing pro-environmental behaviour through communication. Some of her past research focused on encouraging more sustainable transport choices within UK National Parks and preventing domestic water waste through communication and education. Jane holds an MSc in Responsible Tourism Management and a BA (Hons) in International Tourism Management and focused her studies towards sustainability and the environment. She also undertook various research consultancy projects with her university. Jane works in the Keep Britain Tidy research team, developing and testing social innovations aimed at reducing litter and waste, and improving the appearance and quality of green spaces.
Executive Assistant
James comes from a background working in social and environmental charities, having worked with Oxfam, Friends of the Earth, and most recently the Aviation Environment Federation which campaigns to make the aviation sector more sustainable. As part of the Centre for Social Innovation team, James leads the Secretariat for the Tidy Britain All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG). Outside of work, James is connecting to his half Welsh roots by learning Welsh at the London Welsh Centre.
Senior Advisor
Sabina has spent twelve years working on research and policy with a particular interest in social impact measurement. She has experience in strategic development and creating engaging training programmes, and is currently working part-time with the Centre on developing new opportunities in innovation.

She worked to develop the first UK academic Journal for social enterprise and created an Institute of Leadership and Management (IML) accredited training course on logic frameworks. She uses her experience to understand how behaviour change interventions can positively affect the environment.

Sabina holds a MA degree in Public Policy from New York University and BA in Economics from Bard College. In her spare time, she loves to cook and exercise. Her claim to fame is that she that she almost made it to Master Chef! She is also learning to play the piano.